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iPhone 5S release date planned for August sources claim

Luke Johnson


iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Apple is reportedly planning an iPhone 5S release date for August, latest reports have suggested just days ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event.

Tipped to go head-to-head with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 for smartphone supremacy, newly surfaced reports have claimed that an iPhone 5S release date will be held in August, almost one year after the current iPhone 5 entered the realms of reality.

Citing unnamed “sources familiar with the plans,” tech blog iMore has reported that the summer iPhone 5 release date will see the handset land boasting a form factor identical to its predecessor in an incremental upgrade akin to the jump from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S.

Offering further insight into the reportedly 4-inch device, destined to play host to the same brushed aluminium backed design as the iPhone 5, Apple’s next-gen handset has been tipped to play host to a more advanced, faster processor and improved camera optics.

“With the iPhone 5S, the aim is to once again raise the bar in terms of iPhone optics, including a much better camera in essentially the same casing,” the insider sources reported.

Apple iPhone 5S Rumours

Largely expected to land featuring the same 4-inch form factor and design of the device it will replace, the iPhone 5S has been rumoured to be a precursor to a larger, 4.8-inch iPhone 6 as Apple reportedly targets the rising heights of the Android smartphone scene.

Whilst an iPhone 5S release date has been the thing of much deliberation, with a selection of reports suggesting the device will touch down as early as Q1 whilst other pin it for an autumn arrival, it has been suggested the handset was recently spotted at a Chinese manufacturer, hinting that an imminent arrival could be possible.

With reports of an improved CPU reportedly set to see the iPhone 5S specs sheet bolstered by an A7 processor inclusion, further iPhone 5S rumours have claimed the handset will land in ‘6 to 8 colours’, much like the 2012 iPod touch.

Is an August iPhone 5S release date too soon for contract cycles or too late to compete with the incoming Samsung Galaxy S4? Share your thoughts on the matter with us via the TrustedReviews Twitter and Facebook feeds or through the comment boxes below.


March 5, 2013, 4:22 pm

I've had the iPhone3G & the iPhone4, both phones I think have been really good. The problem is now though, Apple's phones don't seem to excite me any more, the reason I didn't get a 5. And looking at the rumours here, that doesn't seem like it's going to change. In some respects I don't think it's the phone that's the problem, but IOS.

The rumours of the S4 don't appear that exciting either, so in the end I've ordered a HTC One, if IOS 7 or whatever in 2 years time improves, maybe I'll go back, who knows.

I must admit, deciding to go Android and leave IOS was a hard choice, Apple seems to pull you into it's eco system. But I just thought, what App's do I really need / use, and if I was honest with myself, it wasn't that many. Fingers crossed, it's not a mistake. :)

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