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iPhone 5 Rumours Fleshed-Out in Concept Video

Andrew Williams


iPhone 5
iPhone 5

A 3D artist has produced a video render of the upcoming iPhone 5, based on recent rumours about the Apple phone's casing. If leaked components are real, this must be the most accurate view of the phone yet.

Apple is famously tight-lipped about any of its products not-yet unveiled. However, a video producer has put together a detailed rendering of the upcoming phone based on recent components claiming to be parts of Apple's next phone.

The video shows that while the iPhone 5 is significantly longer - more widescreen in aspect - than the current iPhone 4S, the basic angular design remains in-tact. If you were hoping for a return to the curvier design of older iPhones, you may be heading for disappointment.

The video is the work of Bryce Hammond of Blackpool Creative. He has not tried to pass this off as anything but a render, saying "I thought it would be fun to piece together these fragments to see what the iPhone 5 might look like when Apple makes the big announcement." However, it has - predictably - already gained him a lot of attention over on YouTube, where one of the most popular comments compares the new look of the phone to a remote control.

Apple is set to make a number of big announcements next week at WWDC 2012. However, the new iPhone is unlikely to be one of them - its launch is reportedly set for September.

via MacRumors


June 8, 2012, 9:13 pm

Whenever I see the black iPhone 5 pictures I can't help but see an ape and Stanley Kubrick. Surely that is the monolith from 2001 isn't it?

Between that and the Siri "I can't do that Dave" joke someone at Apple must love that film


June 11, 2012, 1:27 pm

which is especially hilarious given that Samsung used that movie as evidence *against* Apple during the "we've patented a black rectangle" design patent battle against the Galaxy Tab in Germany...

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