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iPhone 5 Launch Date Confirmed

Andrew Williams


iPhone 4

Apple has just confirmed that it will hold a US press conference on October 4, a Tuesday. You'd best get saving because we're almost certain this is when the iPhone 5, or 4S, will launch.

It happens just once a year, but is a day sure to get thousands of gadget fans unhealthily excited - iPhone launch day. Unless Apple is planning on a dramatic change of tact, October 4 will be the day the next-gen iPhone is launched. What do we know about it so far? Virtually nothing is certain. As ever, Apple has kept incredibly tight-lipped about its new product, preferring instead to wait until it's ready, like a temperamental artist pulling the velvet cloth off his latest masterpiece.

iPhone 4

Looking at the latest movements in tech, the iPad 2 and the writhing soupy mass of rumours that's been simmering since the iPhone 4 launched, it's not hard to make several reliable conclusions. The iPhone 5 will almost certainly feature a dual-core processor, in-line with Android rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S II. The iPhone 4 is snappy, but its 1GHz A4 chip is starting to sound musty - although its performance is admittedly still more than acceptable. This will up its gaming power, and introduce the ability to play high bit-rate 1080p video.

The screen resolution and size will likely stay the same - rumours have suggested that size will rise above 4in, but we think Apple already knows it has hit a certain golden formula with its 3.5in screen. And its 960x640 pixel display remains class-leading with its 329dpi pixel density. If we're wrong, feel free to blow us a raspberry in the comments on October 4.

iOS 5

iOS 5 may be available on October 4 too

One improvement we're almost sure of is in its cameras. The iPhone 4 has among the better mobile phone cameras - it's easy to use, produces decent shots and great video. Yet, at five megapixels its specs are actually way off the best. If Apple continues the quality trend set by the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5's rumoured 8-megapixel camera could be something very special. We'll also be getting the ability to take a snap with a hardware button of some description - for iPhone 4 users the volume button will double for this duty.

Then there's the name. Some say it'll be the iPhone 5, some say it'll be a minor iterative upgrade and will adopt the "3GS-like" iPhone 4S tag. Others even suggest a budget iPhone will be introduced, but we doubt whether Apple would let the base quality of its products drop too low. October 4 should also see the iPhone 4 model drop into the bargain bin (this being Apple, its contents still aren't cheap, mind) so if you're thinking of snapping-up an iPhone 4 this week, wait.

Tim Cook

Tim "Tiger Eyes" Cook may present the iPhone 5

This will be the first Apple product launch where tech superhero Steve Jobs has not acted as Apple CEO - having resigned in August 2011. As such, Tim Cook may be the man to take his place in the spotlight. Most likely wearing a shirt, rather than the Jobs trademark black polo neck.


September 27, 2011, 10:46 pm

"Others even suggest a budget iPhone will be introduced, but we doubt whether Apple would let the base quality of its products drop too low."

If such a product materialises, it'll probably just be a refresh of the iPhone 4 at a slightly reduced price. This is Apple's idea of a 'budget' product.

Such a product could pave the way for a new hardware powerhouse iPhone 5 that might be even more expensive than the current line-up...


September 28, 2011, 1:17 am

And it will probably dominate the mobile market for at least another year, whilst the competition continue to release a stream of wibbly-wobbly plastic android & WP7 phones that are superceded within a month by another wibbly-wobbly plastic phone. Why on earth can't someone actually do some PROPER benchmarking & customer focus and produce a handset that gives us a genuine long term alternative to Apple? You buy an iPhone - and can have faith in it's build quality and you know it's not going to be superceded for at least a year. That's good peace of mind when you are signing up to a long term contract. It's clear why Apple make so much money - their R&D budget goes into one phone which will certainly sell millions, whereas the competition are playing catch up with at least 5 or 6 per year with no such guarantees.


September 28, 2011, 3:52 am

You may be on the money there with the iPhone 4 refresh Chris, although the idea of something even more expensive than the current iPhone 4 fills me with feelings of dread and sadness. What a world we live in, eh?


September 28, 2011, 3:59 am

Let's not forget the great scene support many Android devices have - for those with enough tech nous to make use of it. Android 2.3 is available for the ancient HTC Magic (a device I had rather a crush on), after all.

p.s. excellent use of wibbly-wobbly


September 28, 2011, 7:54 am

@ChrisC: I know a few iPhone users who'd prefer a 'wibbly-wobbly' build especially after seeing the back plates of their iPhone 4's shatter with a drop.


September 28, 2011, 2:11 pm

@ffrankmccaffery: I've seen plenty of 'wibbly-wobbly' Android phones with cracked cases and broken glass. Maybe your friends just pre-fare broken 'wibbly-wobbly' Android phones, compared to broken iPhones that you can sell on Ebay for more than you can buy a 'wibbly-wobbly' Android. But anyway, a tip for your friends, don't drop you iPhones on concrete, or better still, don't drop tech on concrete. :)


September 28, 2011, 2:44 pm

Not fair!

There are plenty of positives for non Apple phones, one of them being choice. Whilst it's true that Android is ideally suited to budget smartphones (a concept which the world owes nothing to Apple for, by the way) it is also in some high end phones too. My HTC Desire is now 18 months old, and still going strong. I'm getting itchy for something newer, but that's only because I'm a phone geek. However, it's solid as a rock, and has survived being flung on a concrete floor when its owner took a tumble once. No complaints about build quality here!

Martin Daler

September 28, 2011, 3:32 pm

so roll on Nokia N9 with a solid dyed-in-the-wool polycarbonate chassis and gorilla glass screen. At last, durability and style married. And no risk of a +1 model next year!


September 28, 2011, 4:47 pm

"iPhone 5 Launch Date Confirmed"

Where has it been confirmed? Surely this is still speculation rather than confirmation. Come on TR, be accurate! We all know there's an Apple event on that day, and we all expect to see a new iPhone of some kind launched there, but nothing has been confirmed.


September 28, 2011, 6:59 pm

I think it'd be hugely surprising if the iPhone 5 wasn't unveiled on this date. The usual one year iPhone product cycle has already been stretched. I can't see Apple going to all this trouble to launch an iPhone 4GS. Still, we'll find out in a few days time.


September 28, 2011, 11:48 pm

My comments was more aimed at highlighting decreasing standards at TR. Sure, the headline catches attention, but it is factually inaccurate.

I'm looking forward to seeing the iPhone 5 as much as anyone. But its existence, let alone a launch date, has not been confirmed. All the media speculation over "iPhone4S or iPhone5, or both" highlights this. Whatever happens on the 4th I'm sure we'll all fin something to be happy with :-)


September 29, 2011, 12:15 am

It's a tricky one, this. With a headline we have a very small number of words to work with, and the aim is to be as clear and as punchy as possible. It needs to sum up the story in the most effective manner.

The argument is complicated in this case by Apple's particular launch strategy, which is unhelpful in some respects. If we were to say "Apple Press Event Date Suggests iPhone 5 Launch", it lacks import. We all know this is highly likely to be the launch date, and that the new iPhone will 97% be the subject. In this case, to regurgitate the "simple truth" of there being a press launch would be to miss much of what we want to relay. To take the approach I did with this headline was hardly sensationalist, which is what we shy away from at TR.

We don't write any old nonsense about a product just to get it up on the site - so you won't find iPhone 6 stories up on the site a few days after the iPhone 5 launch, unless we come up with something rather nifty to write about that honestly justifies it. Highly unlikely, mind.

To not be frank in this case seemed like pussy-footing - although if our headlines had a bit more space to work with, things might have been phrased differently.


September 29, 2011, 1:56 am

@Keithe6e: Please tell me your really a parody of a Machead? Because I can't imagine anyone sane publicly volunteer to have their ignorance of not only technology but of life in general exposed and on a consistent basis.
And feel free to post your reply because unlike you I won't be clicking back to check. Only a delusional mind like yours would equate having the last say in a thread to a victory.


September 29, 2011, 2:33 am

Andrew, TR is a good site. I read everyday. But speculation isn't fact, and shouldn't be presented as such. As a long-time loyal reader I want to continue to see good editorial. Here's how some of your competition reported the exact same news: -

"Apple confirms iPhone event on 4 October"
"Apple Issues Invitations for October 4th iPhone Media Event"
"Apple wants to 'talk iPhone' on October 4th"

True, not as punchy, but accurate. I hope we see the iPhone 5 on the 4th, but right now I'm guessing there are very few people outside of Apple who can confirm this. Let's all hope it isn't just a '4S ;-)


September 29, 2011, 2:56 am

Fair comment Viere. It's good to hear that you care :)


September 29, 2011, 2:24 pm

@ffrankmccaffery: Of course I'll reply, that's what a discussion is. Crikey some people eh!!, saying that, not really sure what to say as your whole reply was made up of childish insults. Maybe your still a school kid who believes demeaning people gives you power, sorry friend most people on here are most likely adults, so it's not going to work. You really need to find another forum/comments website that caters for your age group, it will make you feel more powerful again.

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