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iPhone 5 camera - purple halo glitch reported

Andrew Williams


iPhone 5 camera - purple halo glitch reported

There appears to be a problem with the iPhone 5, one that causes purple halos to appear over intense out-of-shot light sources.

After a relatively smooth launch, problems with the iPhone 5 are starting to appear. The latest is a camera glitch that causes a haze of purple distortion to appear over intense light sources - the sun, generally - when they are just out of shot. It doesn't seem to affect shots when the light source is fully in the frame.

This issue has been confirmed by multiple sources, and has also been confirmed by Apple. CNET writes that a "person who spoke with Apple support was reportedly told that there have been a lot of calls about this problem."

iPhone 5 camera

The source of the issue has not yet been fully locked-down, but there is speculation that it may be caused by the new Sapphire lens element of the iPhone 5. However, this may simply be a convenient link to make, related to the stereotypical blue colour of Sapphire. Apple is currently investigating the problem, and we'll report back with any additional info as it arises.

This is the third minor setback to slap the iPhone 5 in the face, and it's just a week since the phone became available to buy. First iOS 6 Maps got a pasting from all corners, for its use of out-of-date maps and information. Then people started accusing the phone of being all-too-easy to scratch and scuff. Apple retorted saying that such damage is normal in an aluminium device.

It may have issues, but iPhone 5 sales have been strong thus far. It racked-up two million pre-orders in 24 hours and five million sales in its first weekend.

Have you noticed the purple haze issue in your iPhone 5 snaps? Is it all in our brains? Drop us a comment below.

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September 28, 2012, 9:58 am

Wow, what a cool effect, the purple hazing!

Actually, a number of photography sites are indicating that the purple haze effect shed from a bright light source just off screen is not an uncommon occurrence for digital cameras, especially for the miniaturized cell phone versions. The iPhone 4s also had reports of purple hazing from off screen bright lights. What comparison studies are now finding, however, is that the purple glazing effect seems to be more noticeable on Apple's new iPhone 5. Hm m m m m.

Well, guess I shouldn't shoot into the sun, or next to a strong light just outside my cell phone. But, sometimes one has to. What then?

Photographers out there, any ideas.

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