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iPhone 5 Backplate Leak Reveals More Secrets

Andrew Williams


iPhone 5 Backplate Leak Reveals More Secrets

We've already seen one leaked iPhone 5 back panel of late. Another perilously-similar one has appeared, revealing more about the next iPhone. Or at least giving Apple fans more rumours to slaver over.

A video of the supposed iPhone 5 case has been posted on YouTube. At this point we can't confirm whether this is a legit iPhone component or a cheap knock-off fakery, but if real it tells us quite a bit about how the next iPhone will differ from the iPhone 4S.

For starters, the 3.5mm headphone jack has been moved from the top of the phone to the bottom. The housing is also slightly slimmer than the current model, seen in the video when a direct comparison is made.

As revealed in the previous case leak, the next iPhone may be longer, but won't be all that much wider - if it is to have a 4in screen rather than the current 3.5in size, it'll be because the display is wider rather than significantly larger in every dimension. However, the bezel size is likely to be decreased too, allowing the screen to stretch out a smidge, width-ways.

iPhone 5 rear

The biggest reveal of all here, though, is that the connector appears to be much, much smaller than the long-standing proprietary Apple socket. It makes sense from one angle - the industry standard microUSB is a great deal smaller than the 30-pin Apple connector - but is also something that points towards this being a potential fakery.

The 30-pin Apple connector was introduced long before the iPhone existed - back in the iPod's heyday - and although its demise has been rumoured for months, the idea of it makes us feel a bit uneasy. How about you?


June 7, 2012, 6:04 pm

Looking good. I like the metal construction. If the move to Micro USB is on the cards then I can only see that as a positive step forward. Size looks great too - 4" is comfortable for a phone, 4.3"+ starts to feel a little awkward. It might also be slightly more straight forward to take apart to replace batteries & screens.

Would love them to make this phone a touch thicker than it needs to be, in order to go for a massive battery to achieve 24-48 hours productive use on a single charge. Doubt that'll happen.

The single most overriding problem, for me with this product, is its dependence upon iTunes and the horrors of having to 'sync' everything through this woefully awful software, linked to one PC. In everyday use I have always found this restriction to be very frustrating, time consuming & too higher a price to pay.

Of course, in an ideal world, as well as drag and drop it would also support expandable Micro SD storage. Now I am wasting my time!


June 7, 2012, 7:52 pm

I'd be very surprised if Apple went the Micro USB route. Not because they love proprietary ports that shackle their customers to their walled ecosystem (at least, not *just* because of that), but mostly because Micro USB is just not capable enough.

A simple USB port cannot support component video, audio line in/out or a serial channel for the Apple accessory protocol, which the current connector does support. Many existing accessories would not have been possible without support for these features.

The 30-pin connector itself is also superior to Micro USB in a few ways. It's rated to carry current beyond 2A, whereas the Micro USB connector is currently limited to 1.8A, so it can't charge the device as fast. Also, the Apple connector is designed to take some physical strain with minimal insertion force. This makes it suitable for the kind of gravity-assisted connection that's made when you casually plonk your iPhone onto a speaker dock.

The 30-pin connector is one of the main reasons why such a huge accessory market has built up around the iDevice ecosystem. I can't see Apple changing a formula that works so well for them. Sure, they might modernise the 30-pin connector and add a few features (it's been around since 2003), but I can't see them dropping a proprietary port in favour of Micro USB.


June 8, 2012, 8:40 am

Couldn't agree more about the iTunes thing. It's the single biggest reason i just ditched my iPhone and replaced it with a Galaxy S3. It got to the stage where i gave up trying to put new music on it.


June 8, 2012, 3:58 pm

@stripy Exactly! Whenever I got a new album, or some new photo's I wanted to take with me on the go, I'd just glance at the iPod touch / iPhone and feel dread and annoyance. Especially if I wasn't anywhere near my authorised PC to be used to sync everything. Just a nightmare.

That umbilical cord of dependence is like a relic of yesteryear, when you've finally made the jump to another OS you wonder how you put up with it for so long? 'USB On The Go' is another feature I wouldn't want to be without too.

@Chris Yes, you're spot on. Not sure what I was thinking when I made that Micro USB assumption!

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