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iPad mini UK Release Date: On sale now

Luke Johnson


Apple iPad mini
Apple iPad mini

Following the device’s formal unveiling last week Apple has officially launched its first 7.9-inch tablet in the UK, with the eagerly awaited iPad mini release date met with lower demand than anticipated.

Despite queues forming outside Apple’s flagship London stores ahead of this morning’s official iPad mini UK release date, turnout was lower than expected with just dozens of early adopters braving the cold as opposed to the hundreds who turned out for the recent iPhone 5 release or the iPad 3 launch earlier this year.

Although opening day crowds have proven to be lower than expected, recent reports have suggested that iPad mini pre-orders have cleared the Cupertino based company out of pre-release stocks, with online orders now being made alongside two week estimated delivery times.

With today’s iPad mini UK release date also marking the arrival of the revamped 9.7-inch iPad 4, it is believed that sales of the 7.9-inch Google Nexus 7 rival could be attacked by the device’s plus sized sibling. Despite this dual tablet release, industry analysts have predicted Apple will see iPad mini sales top 1.5million units during the device’s opening weekend on sale.

Launching across 34 different countries today, the iPad mini is expected to be a global success with Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggesting that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD competitor will top 1million sales in its first three days. Elsewhere, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White has stated that “iPad Mini will eventually surpass sales of the iPad over the next two to three years.”

iPad mini Specs

Apple’s first sub-sized tablet, the iPad mini lines up with a 7.9-inch display that features a 1024 x 768p image resolution similar to that found on the now dated iPad 2. With an A5 dual-core processor running the show, the iPad mini is not of the quad-core pedigree of rivals such as the Google Nexus 7 but boasts Apple’s iconic design traits that are sure to win over consumers.

Featuring a brushed aluminium backed form factor, the iPad mini is available in both black and white colour forms with the iPhone 5 esque device measuring up at a mere 7.2mm thick and just 308g in weight.

With a 5-megapixel iSight camera on the rear and a second, FaceTime HD, snapper of the device’s fore, the iPad mini camera collection is further bolstered by 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities. Elsewhere, the usual 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage options feature whilst a claimed 10 hour battery should see the device handle all your daily needs.

iPad mini Price

Launching as a Wi-Fi only device with 3G compatible models to land later in the year, the iPad mini price has been criticised for being significantly higher than its similarly sized competitors.

A potential cause for the shorter than expected launch day queues, iPad mini prices start at £269 for the 16GB model whilst those looking to snap up the 32GB and 64GB models will have to plump up £349 or £429 respectively.

Have you already snapped up a new iPad mini tablet or are you more tempting by the likes of the Android powered Google Nexus 7? Let us know via the Trusted Reviews Facebook page, the comments boxes below, or Tweet us directly @TrustedReviews using the hashtag #iPadminirelease.


November 2, 2012, 6:04 pm

I paid a visit to my local Apple store for a quick look , Underwhelmed is the word , The 32gb nexus 7 looks like a far better bet . What gets my proverbial goat , is Apple charging so much money for more memory , I wonder how much it would cost Apple to include a micro SD slot , cent,s or a few dollars ? . PS. the store was very quiet inside , and outside the temporary safety barriers were lying in a pile all stacked off to one side .

Mike B

November 2, 2012, 8:51 pm

Called in to my local Apple store this morning and was able to pick up an iPad Mini for my wife as a present and iPad (4th generation) for myself. No queues but the store was busy but still seemed to have reasonable supplies (there had been a queues of about 60 at 08:00).

The build and quality will ensure the iPad (mini or normal) will long out live the Android alternatives and are a reasonable investment for those who can afford the premium.

I have many devices (Windows, Mac, Android etc) but still find the Apple ecosystem to be a stable and comfortable one that suits all levels of abilities and interests. I know that the devices will 'just work' and not require much intervention during their operating lives and this counts a lot for many people. If you like to dig under the bonnet then feel free to choose something else!

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