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iPad mini pics surface - 32GB edition confirmed?

Andrew Williams


iPad mini pics surface - 32GB edition confirmed?

Photos of the upcoming iPad mini have been posted online, seemingly confirming once and for all that the smaller iPad does exist.

Invitations to the iPad mini launch event are expected to start flying out tomorrow, but today's latest leak reveals a handful of things about the smaller-form iPad. Sonny Dickson has posted photos of what appears to be the iPad mini on Twitter.

The leak doesn't reveal anything eye-opening and new, but does reinforce many of the recent rumours surrounding the iPad mini. First, it has an anodised aluminium rear with a cut-out for the main camera sensor. It also has dual speaker outlets on its bottom edge, punched right into the aluminium body - as seen in the iPad "3".

The most interesting hint in these photos, though, is that there will be a 32GB model of the iPad mini. A "32GB" marker is clearly etched just under the iPad logo on the rear. As expected, the iPad mini appears to use the Lightning port introduced with the iPhone 5.

Apple's iPad mini launch event is expected to take place on 17 October, which we'll know for sure with 24 hours and change if the rumour that invitations will be sent out tomorrow is true.

The iPad mini has been pegged as Apple's backlash against small, low-cost tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. What these photos don't reveal is whether the iPad mini will land in the same price territory as these top 7in tablets. DigiTimes writes that the tablet will sell for between $249 and $299, suggesting it'll get pretty close.

Other long-rumoured iPad mini specs include its 7.85in screen, that it will use a dual-core processor and feature the same screen resolution as the iPad 2 - 1,024 x 768 pixels.

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If the iPad mini is unveiled on 17 October, you can expect it to go on sale before the first few days of November are done. Its timing is primed for the Christmas rush. But would you buy a loved one a £200 iPad mini? Let us know if you would in the comments.

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October 10, 2012, 10:46 am

Can't say I see the point in this further fragmentation. In what circumstances is a regular sized iPad too big but an iPhone/iPod Touch too small? Very limited, I'd say. I roll with an iPhone 4S in my pocket all the time, and a current gen iPad in my bag. I've never, ever felt it was too big to carry but thought "ooh a mini iPad would be perfect right now". Since it's too big for a pocket, you may as well go for a full sized iPad.


October 10, 2012, 2:32 pm

I disagree, I have a Samsung 7.7 Tab as well as Transformer Prime, Nexus 7 etc. The 7.7 size I think is the perfect size for portability (fits in my Jacket/Coat pockets) and is much more suited for holding for long periods of time then its 10 inch counterparts.

Smart move by Apple if true.

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