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iPad Case Can Handle 60ft Fall

David Gilbert


G-Form Extreme Portfolio

We here at TrustedReviews love when companies go that little bit further when testing their products in the real world, and G-Form has done just that, dropping a pair of iPad 2s from 60ft onto pavement.

G-Form has produced a video of the side-by-side drops, comparing its new G-Form Extreme Portfolio case with a competitor's case. The results are pretty convincing for the G-Form case, which uses the proprietary Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), but no so convincing for the unnamed competitor case which uses a hard shell to protect the tablet.

The new tablet sleeve from G-Form use RPT which absorbs over 90 percent of the energy of an impact and stiffens to act like armor in order to offer a high level of protection for your iPad or other tablet. As you can see in the video, the iPad seems to come away from a 60ft fall without a scrape and with a film still running, while in the competitor's case (pardon the pun), the screen and housing were damaged beyond repair.

Now we realize that the number of times you are going to be in a situation where your iPad will be dropped from 60 feet are probably limited, it is certainly reassuring to know that the company’s claims are backed up - and if only more companies tested their products in this way, the world would be a better place.

As well as accommodating both versions of the iPad, G-Form says the case can be used with several other tablets including the Motorola Xoom. The case also includes an adjustable easel stand and the front cover can be reverse-zipped behind the iPad, which will offer two levels of RPT protection beneath the tablet. In this position the front screen is still protected by RPT corners that also serve to hold it in place.

You can now pre-order the case (limited to two per customer) from the G-Form website for a whopping $80 (excluding tax and shipping) with shipping beginning on 11 August. Shipping to the UK costs around $40 for a pair of these tough cases.

Source: G-Form

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