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iPad Air crowned Tablet of the Year in the 2013 TrustedReviews Awards

Luke Johnson


iPad Air
The iPad Air wins the 2013 TrustedReviews Tablet of the Year Award

The iPad Air has been crowned the Tablet of the Year at the 2013 TrustedReviews Awards, helping Apple regain the title from bitter rival Google.

With the original Google Nexus 7 having taken top honours on the tablet front in 2012, Apple’s dramatic redesign of its flagship tablet this year, making its 9.7-inch offering slimmer, narrower and lighter, has given the Cupertino-based company the coveted mantle of Tablet of the Year.

Although having faced internal competition from the hugely popular iPad mini, the iPad Air has seen Apple’s full sized tablet return to prominence, winning favour with both the 2013 TrustedReviews Awards judges and voting public alike.

A unanimous victor with the team, the iPad Air also claimed 33.39 per cent of the public vote, almost 10 per cent more than any other tablet.

While last year’s winner, the Google Nexus 7, was also been given a considerable specs improvement during the past 12 months, it was deemed to be a more incremental update than the iPad Air’s refreshed form factor and jump to an incredibly powerful 64bit processor.

What’s more, the introduction of iOS 7 has again helped transform Apple’s tablet offerings, bringing a new lease of life to the Android rival.

The iPad Air was one of only two mobile products that scored the maximum 10/10 last year,” TrustedReviews Editor Evan Kypreos said of the Apple tablet victory.

He added: “It’s by no means revolutionary but it has no weaknesses whatsoever and is such a pleasure to use that I was not surprised there was total team agreement. A worthy winner indeed.”

Earlier this week we revealed that the PS4 has beaten the Xbox One to claim the TrustedReviews Console of the Year Award for 2013.

Stay tuned to TrustedReviews throughout the coming week for all the latest on the other 2013 TrustedReviews Awards winners including who has taken the coveted Gadget of the Year, Smartphone of the Year and Game of the Year accolades.

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Jan Mejlgaard Bliddal

December 18, 2013, 10:05 am

Based on the fact that I prefers the Apples polished approach to Googles we give people access to everything and hope the do not hang them self when exploring the possibilities I will only comment on why the iPad Air is the better of Apples two latest iPad offerings. I know full well that a lot of Android tablet owners chooses that platform, because i does satisfy their needs by being either cheaper, capable of doing things that Apple don't allow iPad users to do or a combination of those.

I thought that i wanted the iPad mini with retina because I liked the screen quality of the iPad 3 and 4 and liked the weight of the iPad mini. That changed when I felt the weight difference between an iPad 4 and the iPad Air as it solved the biggest problem I had with the full size iPad that of being to heavy for prolonged reading. The weight difference between the new 340 gram iPad mini and the new 469 gram iPad Air is simply to small for me to go from a 9.7 inch screen to a 7.9 inch. I am thus a very happy owner of the iPad Air

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