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iPad 5 leaks again with iPad mini inspired redesign

Luke Johnson


iPad 5 leak
iPad 5 leak

New iPad Air leaks have claimed to show off the upcoming tablet’s chassis, with the next-gen tablet tipped to features a redesigned form similar to that of the iPad mini 2.

Widely believed to be in for a design change, the latest iPad 5 leaks show off a device with a narrow angled back almost identical to that of Apple’s current 7.9-inch ‘mini’ tablet. A number of previously leaked images claiming to show the iPad 5 have all pointed to similar alterations.

Taking on a slightly squarer design than past models, the prematurely outed iPad 5 picture points to Apple’s next tablet adopting the same base-mounted speaker grill as the mini. The now standard Lightning port is also shown lining up on the tablet’s lower edge.

Sadly the picture, which has surfaced courtesy of repeated French tipsters NowhereElse, is not joined by any further details on the tablet, with the iPad 5’s precise dimensions still very much clouded in mystery.

Although sure to retain the 9.7-inch screen size of former iPad’s, recent iPad 5 rumours have all pointed to the tablet featuring a reduced overall form factor thanks to dramatically smaller bezels and a slimmer, refreshed profile.

While the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C are widely expected to head into the realms of reality during a rumoured but currently unconfirmed September 10 Apple launch event, it is believed the iPad 5, as well as a Retina display hosting iPad mini 2 will be held off until a separate launch event in October.

Further iPad 5 rumours have pointed to the tablet boasting a speedier quad-core CPU alongside improved camera optics and a revised display panel which will ultimate help minimise the tablet’s thickness.

Also expected to feature is Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system which was formally unveiled during WWDC 2013 back in June and is tipped to be rolled out across existing iOS device users in the days leading up to the iPhone 5S release date.

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August 19, 2013, 5:30 pm

Remember the days when Steve Jobs used to announce a new Apple product and that was the first you heard of it?

I don't know if it's still possible, when their products are assembled in China, and the temptation to leak by lowly paid workers must be too much. Still, it would be nice if Apple could keep a lid on things - as it stands there's no anticipation for their product launches any more as everything is known in advance.


August 19, 2013, 7:41 pm

Yes, I agree! I think Cook does a phenomonal job. Jobs' shoes are not easy to fill. But I am really curious to what Jobs did to keep products a secret, that Cook does not do. Remember when the iPhone 4 prototype was left at a bar, and pictures leaked? It was wild! Now, leaked images are a daily web experience.


August 20, 2013, 7:50 am

I think the last product they were able to keep secret was the new Mac Pro and I've heard that was helped by being designed and assembled in the US.

There's always been speculation surrounding Apple products but it just seems nowadays that the rumours are more accurate, and the leaks more often.

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