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iPad 4 video review


iPad 4
iPad 4

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Not eight months after the impressive Retina Display touting iPad 3 arrived Apple has already updated its tablet range with the iPad 4. Officially still called simply the iPad with Retina Display the new model boasts a processor that's twice the speed of that in the iPad 3 plus it uses the new smaller Lightning connector as found on the iPhone 5.

Despite these two headline features, though, the iPad 4 looks identical to the iPad 3, sporting the exact same brushed aluminium back and glass front, with a choice of either black or white bezel around the screen. It's just as heavy too, at 652g, so if you thought the iPad 3 a little large and heavy then the iPad mini may be the upgrade for you.

Starting at £399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version, the iPad 4 is the same price as its predecessor so it remains - at least for this basic version - competitively priced. However, prices for higher capacity versions and those with 3G connectivity do rise rapidly with the full-spec 64GB version with 3G costing a whopping £659.

As with previous models, extra connectivity and features are also limited with no expandable storage, no NFC, no pen/stylus input, and no USB ports but the Lightning connector is compatible with accessories that provide some of these features.

The new A6X processor makes this the fastest mobile device on the market, soundly beating all other mainstream tablets and mobile phones. You may not notice it in day to day use, though, if you're upgrading from an iPad 3 as that tablet was still very fast.

So is the iPad 4 heading to the top of your Christmas wishlist? To help you decide here's our iPad 4 video review.

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