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iPad 3 tablets can be swapped for an iPad 4

Andrew Williams


iPad 4

iPad 3 tablets bought within the last 30 days will be able to be traded-in for a new iPad 4, complete with more powerful processor and Lightning connector.

Apple unveiled the iPad mini on the evening of 26 October, and alongside it a new full-size iPad was introduced, the iPad 4. Knowing this would leave many a recent iPad owner seething, Apple has increased its usual 14-day return policy to 30 days, letting you exchange the now-discontinued tablet for a new model.

The launch of the iPad 4 caught many unawares, with Apple expected to launch a minor tweak of the 9.7-inch iPad rather than a full new generation. The new model is priced identically to the iPad 3, though, leaving you with no extra cash to pay should you opt for a swapsie. Alternatively, you should be able to swap the tablet for an iPad mini model, although the prices don't tie-in quite as well

What are the new features of the "4th Generation" iPad 4? The one upgrade you should care about is the new Apple A6X processor. Apple's Phil Schiller says that this provides twice the power as the A5X chip in the iPad 3, although we're yet to learn the exact tech specs of the new processor.

There are two other main tweaks - the 30-pin socket has been swapped for the new Lightning port, which was introduced with the iPhone 5, and a 4G option has been added. It uses the same 4G standard as the new iPhone, and will work with the EE network. EE's 4G network is planned to launch to the public on 30 October.

There are six models of iPad 4, not counting the black and white finishes the tablet's available in. The three storage capacities - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB - are available as either Wi-Fi only or "Wi-Fi plus Cellular" flavours, enabling 3G and 4G mobile internet.

The iPad 3 has now been wiped from Apple's inventory, leaving Apple Stores to sell the new iPad mini, the "ancient" iPad 2 and the 4th Generation iPad. The Wi-Fi editions of the iPad mini and iPad 4 will be available from 2 November.

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October 25, 2012, 9:46 pm

I bought an ipad 3 20 days ago from PC World in the UK, an Apple Dealer. I read your post with interest. Obviously if I'd known that a much higher spec'd product would be available 30 days later I would have held off my purchase.
Today I called PC World and was bluntly told it was nothing to do with them but to contact apple. When I contacted apple there was a long delay whilst they got their story right. The techie 100% empathised with my situation but said he could not help me with an exchange. He put me through to customer services in Ireland. Liz there 100% confirmed that apple do not regard the ipad 3 as obsolete.
They've stopped selling it, the whole world knows apple's declared it obsolete. Who wants to be with a product thats obsolete in 20 days from date of purchase and superceded by a superior product for the same price?
So apple needs to sort its customer relations out pronto. Why would anyone in the future go to a third party store like PC World to buy an apple product?
Please help with my exchange


October 26, 2012, 5:00 pm

Hi David,

I just spent a frustrating 35 minutes on the phone to Apple and PCworld. I am in the same boat, bought my iPad3 thinking there would not be a newer version until next year, only to see the iPad4 released 10 days later.

Apple Marketing really need to get their act together, if I had even heard a rumour that the 4 was coming out, I would have held off my purchase.

They have now devalued my iPad3 massively, and left me with a rather bad taste in my mouth. PCWorld are also extremely frustrated by Apples stance, they were caught out by this.

I have been informed to look into the sales of goods act, to see if i have any legal recourse to pursue against Apple/PC World.

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