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iOS trumps Android for Black Friday cash flow


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Apple loyalists out-spent Android users about four times over on Black Friday, according to a new report.

Adobe has revealed iOS users drove around 79 per cent of mobile sales revenue, while Android managed a significantly more meagre 21 per cent.

The reason for this is fairly benign – while Android reigns for market share worldwide, iOS holds a strong footing in the US where Black Friday finds its origins.

iOS users have also been found to be more liberal with their dosh on mobile too, so why would the biggest sales day of the year be any different?

The report also showed off a smorgasbord of other stats, amongst them the fact that mobile devices were responsible for 27 per cent of sales for Black Friday this year.

That’s a rise of around 3 per cent since last year, thanks to an increased sales drive from both smartphones and tablets.

This resulted in a total online consumer spend of somewhere in the region of $32 billion so far this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday both saw ‘double-digit growth in online sales’, with 3.2 per cent of shopping site visits resulting on a completed shopping cart conversion.

It seems mobile transactions are becoming an increasingly big bucks sector, with Juniper Research revealing it estimates 195 billion purchases will take place in 2019.

That’s up from around 72 billion this year, signalling a huge ramp up of digital dosh expenditure.

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December 1, 2014, 4:37 pm

I think the reason for this is that iOS devices are known for generally retaining their release price until a new version comes along. So this is the ONLY chance for consumers to grab one at a reduced price!
While there are tons of Android offerings heavily competing all year long and tempting prices are abundant throughout the whole year for Android devices and their sales are more even throughout the year.

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