iOS 11 release date: when you can download the latest iPad and iPhone software

Apple has confirmed the iOS 11 release date will be September 19, enabling current iPhone and iPad owners to download and install the new operating system before the new phones arrive.

The final release comes exactly a week after the company’s September 12 event, where it unveiled the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the new flagship iPhone X.

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The iPhone 8 range will go on sale on September 22, with the iPhone X arriving on November 3. While those devices will arrive with iOS 11 pre-installed, those sticking with their current handset will need to do it manually.

iOS 11 downloads

If tradition is anything to go by, the mad rush to install the latest version of iOS could mean long download times for eager Apple fans.

Many users choose to express a little patience tend to wait a few hours before commencing the download.

Some iPhone and iPad users also choose to wait a few days before installing the software in the hope of avoiding bugs in the first release.

Brand new iOS versions have known to brick iPhone and iPad devices in the past, so discretion might be wise.

iOS 11: How to download

As soon as Apple rolls out iPhone and iPad users (don’t forget the iPod touch) can find it in the Software Update section of Settings > General. There’ll also be a red notification badge next to the Settings icon on the home screen.

Once in the Software Update section you’ll see iOS 11 waiting for you. It’ll have some release notes and a file size (as yet unconfirmed). You’ll then be asked to Download and Install iOS 11 and confirm with a passcode.

It’s also advised to make a backup via iTunes or iCloud before installing a new operating system, just in case something goes wrong.

iOS 11 Compatible Devices: Which iPads and iPhones get iOS 11?

If your phone worked with iOS 10, it’ll work with iOS 11 – unless you have an iPhone 5C that is.

Interestingly, the new OS will remove support for 32-bit apps and phones. So apps the are built with a 32-bit architecture will need to updated, this also means if you’re still using the iPhone 5C future apps will not work.

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