How to download the iOS 11 public beta 3 and beta 4 preview today

Apple has unveiled the public beta of its newest phone and tablet operating system, iOS 11. Here’s how to download iOS 11 beta 3 and beta 4 on your iPhone or iPad, plus all you need to know about the final iOS 11 release date.

How to download iOS beta 3 – get the public beta today

Want to play around with iOS 11, now the more stable public beta has been released? We don’t blame you, as there’s loads of great new functionality to check out – we’ve highlighted the best of the best in our early iOS 11 review.

Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to download iOS 11 beta 3, as it’s now out in the wild as part of Apple’s public beta testing programme.

All you need to do is register at the Apple Beta Software Program website and log in with your Apple ID.

Then, select Enroll Your Device and you’ll be asked to download a profile using your iOS device.

Next, head to Settings > General > Software Update and finally Install iOS 11 Public Beta.

Of course, it’s always wise to make an iTunes back up of the device first and not to run the beta on your primary iPhone or iPad.

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How to download iOS 11 beta 4

Alongside the release of iOS 11 beta 3 to the public, Apple also recently unveiled the fourth iOS 11 beta version, though iOS 11 beta 4 is currently only available to developers.

That means it’s not quite as easy to get your hands on it, though it’s still possible – it just costs a bit.

To join the Apple Developer Program, you’ll need to pay a £79 yearly subscription fee, which will give you access to the latest developer previews of Apple’s software.

Note that developer previews of iOS 11 are liable to be seriously buggy – much more so than public betas – so definitely back up your device first.

Don’t install on your day-to-day device, either, as certain functionality is likely to be borderline unusable due to the inherently glitchy nature of dev previews.

Still interested? You can sign up to the Apple Developer Program here.

iOS 11 Release Date: When does iOS 11 come out?

Apple hasn’t set a final release date for iOS 11, but expect to see it in the autumn just before the iPhone 8 is revealed – September, in other words.

In the meantime, the public beta of iOS 11 is now available as we’ve said, and while it’s still going to be plenty patchy in places, the worst issues should have been resolved and it’s relatively safe to check provided you take all the usual precautions, which we’ve highlighted above.

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iOS 11 Compatible Devices: Which iPads and iPhones get iOS 11?

If your phone worked with iOS 10, it’ll work with iOS 11 – unless you have an iPhone 5C that is.

Interestingly, iOS 11 will remove support for 32-bit apps and phones. So apps the are built with a 32-bit architecture will need to updated, this also means if you’re still using the iPhone 5C future apps will not work.

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That’s all we know right now, but stay tuned, as we’ll update this article every time new iOS 11 betas become available with all the latest information.

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