iOS 11.3 hits public beta with a potentially lifesaving new feature

You can now take forthcoming Apple’s iOS 11.3 release for a spin, thanks to the launch of the first public beta.

Following the launch of the developer beta yesterday, members of Apple’s public beta program can download the work-in-progress software.

As part of the rollout Apple is including an Advanced Mobile Location feature, which will automatically share your location when you make a call to emergency services. AML is available in the UK but not the US right now.

The feature has been available on all Android phones (running Gingerbread and higher) since the summer of 2016, so Apple is playing catch-up here.

Apple is also including four new Animoji to play with; lion, skull, bear and dragon, while music videos will get more prominent positioning within the Apple Music app.

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The iOS 11.3 beta also features iCloud Messages, which was announced last summer, as well as a new Business Chat tool within iMessage.

There’s also a new version of ARKit (1.5) which brings support for vertical surfaces, irregular shaped tables, auto focus and 50% higher resolution.

Apple is also adding a new privacy page to the set-up process.

Throttling opt-out coming soon

However, The most eagerly-awaited feature, of course, is the ability to disable automatic CPU throttling when using iPhone handsets with older batteries.

This will ease the controversy behind Apple’s decision to slow down iPhones with diminishing batteries in order to safeguard against unexpected shutdowns.

Apple is facing several lawsuits pertaining to the issue, which critics allege is designed to push users into thinking their phone, rather than the battery, needs replacing.

That is likely to arrive in a future beta, ahead of the official iOS 11.3 rollout sometime this spring.

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