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Intel To Unveil Ten New Tablets At Computex [Updated]

David Gilbert


Intel Will Unveil 10 New Tablets At Computex [Updated]

Intel has confirmed it will be launching 10 new tablets based on its chips at Computex – and a total of 35 devices by the end of 2011.

Intel is facing an uphill struggle to catch up with ARM, whose technology is used in the vast majority of tablets and smartphones in chips offered by the likes of Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. Intel is hoping that its new low-power Oak Trail processors will be able to challenge ARM’s dominance. Intel unveiled plans to showcase 10 new tablets in conjunctions with its manufacturing partners at the Taipei trade show, which begins on 31 May. As to what will be running on these ten new tablets, well Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini has already stated that the Oak Trail chips would support Android, MeeGo, Chrome OS and of course Windows.

Intel Oak Trail

Intel's general manager for Asia-Pacific, Navin Shenoy added to the excitement over Intel’s bold move into the tablet market by stating that up to 35 Intel-based slates are on target for shipping in 2011. Shenoy added that the company doesn't expect any impact from the Japanese earthquake in March on demand for PCs in the second quarter and that the disaster has had no impact on the company's supply chain. Most manufacturers expected some disruption in the supply chain following the 11 March earthquake.

Certainly Intel is facing a worrying time ahead as ARM continues to dominate the mobile sector and with Windows 8 set to support its architecture, Intel may see its once dominant position in the PC market come under threat.

Update: In more Intel/ARM news, Intel Senior Vice President Renee James has confirmed that there will be no legacy applications will be running on the ARM versions of Windows 8. "Our competitors will not be running legacy applications. Not now. Not ever." James also revealed that there would be four separate Windows 8 ARM SoCs meaning that A.N. Other will be joining Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments which were announced at CES last January.

James added that all legacy applications would run perfectly on x86 versions of Windows 8 on Intel, AMD and other compatible chips.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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