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Intel's Cloverview Ready In Time For Windows 8

David Gilbert


Intel's Clover Trail Ready In Time For Windows 8

An Intel executive has revealed that the company's next generation mobile chip platform will be ready for the roll out of Windows 8 next year.

At CES earlier this year, Steve Ballmer set the cat among the pigeons when he announced that Windows 8 would be compatible with ARM silicon. It was certainly a blow for Intel whose x86 architecture had previously enjoyed an exclusive relationship with the Redmond company. In response to this, Intel has made a major push into the low-power, mobile market having already released the it’s Atom Oak Trail chip for tablets and promising Cedar Trail (netbooks) and Medfield (smartphones and tablets) chips before the end of the year. Now it has revealed that another platform, Atom Clover Trail with its Cloverview processor, will be available at the same time as Windows 8 – if not before it. Intel’s Director of Product and Technology Media Relations Bill Kircos, told the guys over at This Is My Next that the new platform is being designed to work with the new-look and touch-enabled Windows software.

Windows 8

Kircos called the coordinated release dates a “nice one-two chip-software punch.” While no exact timeline has been announced for either chip or OS, it is expected that we won’t begin to see the first Windows 8 devices shipping until the second half of 2012. The new Clover Trail platform is set to power not only tablets but netbooks and slider devices as well – with the latter a logical step considering Windows 8’s mix of touch interface and traditional desktop experience. The Cloverview processor was first teased at IDF in Beijing and will be built on the same 32nm process as Cedar Trail and Medfield with the die shrink enabling superior battery performance and reduced power consumption. It in these areas where ARM-based chips have been proving themselves superior so far and the reason that the vast majority of smartphones and tablets are powered by these chips. Not much else is known about Cloverview so far in relation to speed and compatibility

With ARM looking to move into the netbook and laptop market currently dominated by Intel, the next year is going to see a big power struggle as both Intel and ARM attempt to push-in on each others territory. We welcome the battle and it will hopefully mean faster, lower-power and cheaper silicon in our technology – which is always a good thing.

Source: This Is My Next

Denis iii

June 29, 2011, 5:46 pm

I assume there will be issues with x86 applications running on ARM and vice versa so I hope Atom Clover Trail catches up to or beats ARM as I'd prefer and hope to have a x86 PC, Tablet and Smart phone by next year.

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