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iMac spec bump and price drop coming next week


Apple iMac

Apple could be set to provide a minor revamp of its iMac line next week, according to a new report.

Last week it emerged that there were signs of a future Retina display-equipped iMac on the horizon, after corroborating code was discovered in the OS X 10.10 beta.

However, it seems as if Apple has a rather more modest iMac update in store for us in the immediate future.

According to French website MacG, Apple will soon boost its iMac range with Intel’s latest processors, each providing a modest 100MHz speed boost over the current models. They could also contain an improved Thunderbolt 2 connection.

The report claims that Apple will eschew its usual Tuesday launch window in favour of a release later next week.

You could argue that this news is hardly something to shout about, which is probably why Apple did nothing of the sort at its recent WWDC show. What should be of far more interest to prospective buyers is the suggestion that these subtly tweaked iMacs may receive a price drop.

Of course, this is all rumour and speculation at this point, but it’s worth noting that this is from the exact same anonymous source that predicted April’s similarly minor MacBook Air refresh. It seems extremely likely that we’ll see some new iMacs, no matter how minor the improvements, next week.

Besides the likelihood of a Retina iMac some time in the near future, there are also those claims from last year that Apple will launch a budget iMac at some point, with growing foreign markets in mind.

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Via: MacRumours

A. Mir

June 12, 2014, 7:24 am

A modest price drop should be welcomed with open arms and quite necessary, I reckon. I never understood the price increase Apple made when moving from the mid 2011 iMac to the "slimmer" 2012 version in the first place. The chassis was the only noticeable make-over - which resulted in removing the option to upgrade the RAM after purchase as it was soldered to the main board. Also, the hardware didn't really change and you still had to shove a lot of money for their Fusion drive. Actually, you still do. The Fusion drive should be standard in all iMacs today.

I still have my iMac mid 2011, and I simply love it. Very stable, screen is still great, upgradeable to a certain point and the new OSX, Mavericks, just works and is as slick as ever. I just don't like the path Apple has taken with their new iMacs recently. The MacBook Air has gotten cheaper and better (only the screen is the true bottleneck on this device), and I wish the iMac-range would follow suit.

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