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iFixit Lets You Install 2nd Hard Drive In New Mac Mini

David Gilbert


ifixit Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

Last month Apple refreshed it’s Mac Mini line-up adding Core i5 and i7 processors but for some the single hard drive or SSD which was included just wasn’t enough. But worry not, as those clever folks over at iFixit have managed to find a way of fitting a second hard drive.

Apple removed the optical drive from this update of the Mac Mini (though you could purchase one as an optional extra for £66) therefore making room for a second hard drive. Those going for the Mac Mini Server can already opt for dual hard drives, or if you were feeling especially generous, dual SSDs but iFixit has found a way to put two of these drives into the regular Mac Minis. Considering the Mac Mini Server cost £320 more than the entry-level Mac Mini, the iFixit solution could save you a lot of money.

ifixit Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

The $70 (£42) Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit contains the parts and tools you need to put a second storage option of your choice inside your 2011 Mac Mini – though unsurprisingly the actual hard drive or SSD is not included for that price. Included in the kit is a SATA cable, mounting screws and grommets plus a logic board removal tool, 26-piece driver kit and the indispensable spudger.

While many people will think the idea of tinkering with their brand spanking new Mac Mini is an idea worse than rubbing some bird’s eye chillies on your hands before going to the toilet, for many there is nothing better than trying to improve on what Apple has produced.

ifixit Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

On the website there is a full step-y-step guide to make sure you don’t bork anything up, but as always with situations like this, you should know that you will void your warranty by opening up that shiny aluminium body of the Mac Mini.

Source: iFixit

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