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IDAPT i1 Eco Charger Is Good For You And Environment

David Gilbert


IDAPT i1 Eco Charger

Having recently packed our bags for a short trip abroad, we know the considerable struggle it takes to make sure you have the correct charger and lead for every gadget you are bringing with you.

One way to avoid such pain could be to use IDAPT’s latest charging solution, the i1 Eco Charger. Not only will it let you charge two devices at once, but it can adapt to charging different types of devices depending on whether your Kindle needs a quick boost or your iPod is on the wane.

The i1 Eco Charger features dual outputs, which allow you to charge two gadgets at once through a USB port and an innovative interchangeable charging tip system. Each IDAPT i1 comes with 3 tips, a micro USB, a mini USB and an Apple iPod/iPhone tip, allowing you to mix and match devices depending on your charging needs. Of course with propritary charging systems still clinging on, a lot of phone users won't get the most from the charger.

IDAPT i1 Eco Charger

As you may have guessed from the name, the i1 also boasts some eco-friendly credentials. The charger will automatically shuts the power off once your gadget is fully charged - unlike other chargers, which continuously use power whilst plugged into the wall. According to the most recent study £900 million is wasted each year by devices using power while fully charged.

The IDAPT i1 comes with a 9V car charger included and costs £19.99, available now to pre-order from Firebox.

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