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iCracked hits the UK to fix your broken smartphone screens

Luke Johnson



If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people trudging London’s streets with a smashed smartphone in your pocket, we’ve some news that might just brighten your day.

iCracked, the US-based mobile and tablet repair service has thrown off its stateside shackles and made the trip across the pond to launch in the UK.

With 31 per cent of Brits having suffered the plight of broken smartphone screens at some points, a study has found that 17 per cent of UK smartphone owners are still suffering through living with a damaged device.

While London has today become the first European city to offer the iCracked service, the company has revealed it will push into further British towns and cities during the next six months.

Primarily and iPhone and iPad repair service, iCracked utilises a group of regionally based specialist iTechs who – upon request – will travel to your location to replace your smashed smartphone or tablet screen.

With same and next-day services available, the iTechs can repair your devices on the spot with typical fixes taking between 15 and 30 minutes.

As well as the full iOS family – including devices such as the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 – iCracked currently offers screen repairs for four Samsung handsets – including the Galaxy S5.

“We started iCracked based on a clear consumer demand for a reliable iPhone repair service available when people need it,” iCracked co-founder and CEO, A.J. Forsythe, said.

“For most, their phones are an extension of themselves, so when it breaks it can have a huge impact on the way they go about their everyday lives.”

He added: “We’re here to provide a quality solution, one that doesn’t compromise on busy lifestyles or privacy, and London seemed like the ideal place to get started in Europe.”

At launch there are 30 iTechs in the London area. With demand expected to be high, iCracked has promised the service will add dozens more techs in the coming months.

Are you living with a damaged smartphone screen? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Simon Heather

November 27, 2014, 1:08 pm

This is just the same as iSmash who already have four shops across London and provide a very professional (if expensive) service. It will be interesting to see iCracked try to compete on price at all.


November 27, 2014, 1:34 pm

There are countless people offering this service already in the UK. What's so special about iCracked?


November 27, 2014, 3:55 pm

You're not wrong! We have been providing on-demand same day Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac repairs since 2012. You can call our iTechnicians to your
home, workplace, hotel, coffee shop or you can visit an iTechnician at
your local repair centre.


January 3, 2016, 10:28 pm

I have worked for Icracked as an Itech for three months. Please think again before you join this company. I have lost my money but at least you still have time not to spent your money. There are many reasons why I advice you against joining Icracked. First of all you will have to pay £329 to become an Itech with Icracked. Once you join as an Itech you are signing up to their terms and conditions. Usually genuine companies dont charge money to give an employment. Look for other companies who are doing same type of business and they do not charge money to become technician.Second think when you have interview with them they will try to show you that they have lots of customers and often they have customer requesting repair request through their app. But this is also not true. Most of the time customer request price quotes but not actual repair. However Icracked recruiter will show you this as if there are plenty of customer but its far from truth. Third reason you have to make lots of cold calls to get those customers. Majority times 1-2 out of 10 customers will agree to do the expensive repair. It means you have to make lot of cold calls to get the customers. Fourth reason which was my own experience and it has happen to few other Itechs as well. What they will do is after few months I had a call from Icracked manager and they asked me to pay for money because I had complaints from customers! This was just a fabricated complaint from Icracked in order to earn more money from Itechs. I asked them many times about customer details but they never gave me any details of customer for whom I was expected to pay money! Usually they are meant to consult you when customer have complaints but what they will do is they will sent their OWN MANAGER and then expect you to pay money. They did not show me one single proof that there was actuallly genuine fault with the repiar. This was just a scam for them in order to replenish old Itechs with new Itechs because more Itechs means more money for Icracked. The same thing has happened with so many other Itechs. The reason they do this is because company is actually making more money with Itech Subscription than actual customers. So they have to remove old ones to add new ones. Thats the reason they are always recruiting Itechs.
Now just google Icracked reviews. You will see some reviews on Yelp.com. But this are not genuine review. They are all paid reviews. Do not trust Yelp.com. Also look at their facebook page on left side you will see so many customer complaints but no response. This happens mainly because new itechs who joins the team does not always do a good repair because of lack of experience.
I hope this help you. Avoid Icracked at any cost. Most of all do not spend your hard earn money on sophisticated scams.

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