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Apple Meltdown? iTunes Voucher Codes Hacked

Gordon Kelly


iTunes Voucher Codes Hacked

Now here's something to set Apple's alarm bells RINGING!

Chinese record industry consultancy firm Outdustry is reporting that the algorithm behind the iTunes gift cards has been hacked with enterprising vendors selling off cards with hundreds of dollars worth of credit for a fraction of their actual value.

Consequently Chinese online auctions site Taobao.com is having an absolute field day with pirated gift cards worth up to $200 going for as little as 11 yuan each (£1.16) - see above.

Now the problem here is a fix from Apple will likely to prove a headache. Yes, it could adjust the algorithm used by the store but potentially that would invalidate all the legitimate Gift Cards around the world. After all, even if the fix could be limited to China what's to stop the hack then being sold around the world...

We're awaiting more on this but needless to say Apple hasn't yet come out with an official comment. One thing is for certain however: this wouldn't have happened with vinyl...

My oh my, this is hardly going to make Steve Jobs feel better - and whatever will Metallica say...


Outdustry Report


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