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iTunes Teaser Appears on Apple Website

David Gilbert


iTunes Teaser Appears on Apple Website

Is anyone else getting a little bit tired of all these ‘Big Announcements’ that are going to change our lives forever. “Nothing will be the same again” and so on. With Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook a few hours away from their latest big announcement at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco (check here later for the up to date info on that by the way), Apple have just changed its home page to the image below, teasing us all that something game changing is coming our way tomorrow in relation to iTunes.

“Tomorrow is just another day. You’ll never forget.” At least they’re not over selling it. We truly believe that everyone in the world will remember where they were at 3pm on November 16, 2010 when Apple announces its latest update to iTunes. It’s a moment in history up there with the shooting of JFK, man walking on the moon and the day Cantona jump kicked a Crystal Palace supporter.

From a Spotify-like streaming service, to apps for Apple TV or the iOS 4.2 update, Twitter and the blogosphere have been rife with speculation since Apple put the new homepage up on its site. We here at TrustedReviews want to have our say too. So, for what it’s worth, we believe Steve Jobs is going to announce that Apple is actually part of the Illuminati and has secretly installed mind control chips on all its devices and is now in a position to take over the world. (It’s as good a guess as any we reckon.)

Anyway of course TrustedReviews will be here to bring you all you need to know as it happens at 3pm tomorrow afternoon.

Update: Here's the latest from the Apple announcement.

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