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iPhone iTunes Streaming Lands As 3G Issues Mount

Gordon Kelly


iTunes Tax, Streaming & iPhone 3G Issues Arise

Saving you from an onslaught of Apple centric posts (yeah, it's gets to me too) here's your round-up of the issues breaking from Cupertino...

First up is one which may have wider implications for the online music market in general and that is news a bill is waiting to be passed in the US which will enable digital media sales to be subject to tax. If successful the bronzed, plastic surgery loved citizens of California will be the only ones hit initially but the consequences are likely to be global with other countries looking to follow this precedent setting move.

As for the prices, while some of the cost is likely to be absorbed by the record companies and sites themselves customers will definitely see a price hike. Sadly however this move looks inevitable. Death and taxes people...

Next comes predictable news that iPhone 3G performance might not be up to snuff. Following the original handset's reception problems this is nothing new and will be a hard one to prove with so many variables in the mix. Still, Apple is said to be readying another software update which could help with some issues suspect in the Infineon chip. A psychological placebo it may be, but either way we'd be sated with cut and paste...

Lastly some good news with the arrival of the 'Simply Media' application in App store which brings the long overdue ability to stream your iTunes content over WiFi, 3G or even EDGE. The developers have limited the streaming to 30 iTunes PCs to circumnavigate copyright issues and Apple may well follow this up with an official app of its own. Go grab it...!


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