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iTunes LP Format Struggling After Less Than 6 Months

Gordon Kelly


iTunes LP Format Struggling After Less Than 6 Months

There's a certain irony that those who decry the loss of the CD really don't seem enamoured by digital's best attempts to recreate it - or at least Apple's attempts to recreate it...

Following up what has been a pretty tough 2010 for Apple so far is a report from Gigaom that iTunes LP is falling a long way short of the lofty targets the company set for it. Described by Apple as "the best thing to happen to fandom", iTunes LP enhances regular music downloads with liner notes, lyrics, photography, performance videos and other bonus content - but consumers aren't biting.

"None of the industry sources with whom I spoke said they viewed it as being anywhere close to game-changing from a format perspective," said Gigaom's Paul Bonanos. "Rather, it’s considered more of a curiosity. Like an enhanced CD or a DVD packaged with a physical album, iTunes LP’s bonus materials may interest super-fans, but they aren’t generating much buzz among mainstream consumers, and don’t appear to be stimulating LP sales at all."

Interestingly, "an industry source who preferred to remain anonymous" also told the site iTunes LP was actually forced upon Apple by major record labels frustrated at DRM-free music and the manner in which downloads encourage the purchase of individual songs rather than full albums.

Perhaps the most damning stat: just 29 iTunes LPs are on sale six months after the format launched, of which 12 were available on day one. A major effort from tech friendly super band Gorillaz this week is bringing that number to 30, but it looks like not everything Apple touches right now is turning to platinum...


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