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iTunes 10 Gets 'Ping' Music Social Network

Andy Vandervell


iTunes 10 Gets 'Ping' Music Social Network

iTunes doesn't have a great reputation among TrustedReviews' staffers, but the program and its affiliated store remain the most recognised names in music retailing. It's a point Steve Jobs was all too keen to stress today as he introduced the latest version, iTunes 10.

What's new? Well, due to the decline of CD, Apple has given it a new logo that no longer features one. Things run a little deeper than that, however, with a tweaked interface and new features to match. On the interface front, Apple has tweaked the list view so that (where there are more than five tracks in an album) album art is listed instead. This is to make better use of the space, and has more than a little whiff of Windows Media Player about it - in fact from a distance the similarities are uncanny.

Of greater significance is what Apple calls Ping, a music social network integrated directly into iTunes. It is, in effect, Facebook and Twitter combined but with music, where you can follow artists and friends, receive personalised chart lists based on your habits, and find out what your friends are up to.

We can't say it's something we expected from Apple, and we're not sure the world really needs another social network, but here it is. Naturally it's being integrated into iOS 4, too. It should be available "immediately", but at time of writing there's no sign of the download on Apple's website.

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