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iPod touch Shortages Hint At Update

Gordon Kelly


iPod touch Shortages Hint At Update

While the iPhone has grabbed the vast majority of all Apple headlines in recent months the comparatively neglected iPod touch may soon be making a renewed play for the spotlight.

Curiously ignored at the iPhone 3G launch, Lehman Brothers analyst Ben Reitzes is predicting a change of pricing and an increase in capacity (possibly to a significant 64GB) in the next couple of months following the device's first stock shortages.

"We believe Apple will need to reposition the iPod touch product by September now that the iPhone acquisition price is lower," explained Reitzes. "We expect the iPod touch to experience significant cannibalization from lower-priced iPhones."

Generally a well stocked product, the Apple Store has recently been telling potential customers that they can expect some delays in delivery. This has now been resolved and it can be argued it was due to a ‘Back-to-school' promotion Apple has been running where students got a free iPod touch with a new MacBook. That said, Best Buy is also reporting it has seen significantly reduced supplies of the 16GB touch to its branches.

Personally speaking, the touch could do with a spit and polish - the least it needs to do is re-emphasise the capacity and cost differences between it and the iPhone 3G - and I would indeed expect a low profile change to that effect soon. As for the long term future, scaling down multi-touch to the rest of the iPod range seems logical. But quite frankly, who knows when...?

In related (and rather fun) news, the always innovative USBFever has launched an iPhone case for the true chocolate lover. Made of entirely of highly durable silicone the $26.99 (£14) case may be just the answer for the accident prone/coca addicted among you...


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June 20, 2008, 5:14 am

I hope this speculation rings true. I've always found the iPod Touch more tempting than iPhone as I've felt the latter's strengths are primarily as a media player. At a capacity like 64GB I'd finally be happy to jump on board, providing it's not too close to the original price.

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