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iPod nano Watches Abound

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iPod nano Watches Abound

Speculation about an Apple Watch has been rife for years and finally the company has made one, sort of.

As an inevitable consequence of making a small square iPod nano with an analogue clock lock screen many people have thought to use Apple's latest mp3 player as a wrist-based time keeping device. While many companies' generic watch straps will do the job - 22mm straps are apparently the size needed - we've now seen the first dedicated iPod nano strap hit the market, and its made by iLoveHandles.

It's a simple black rubber affair with a notch in it to accommodate the clip on the nano's back and will set you back a not unreasonable $19.99.

Is it a nonsense? Well, aside from it simply sounding a bit silly, the iPod nano is still quite large for a watch, it's also not remotely waterproof, and listening to music is going to be an intriguing prospect if you keep this thing strapped down. Nonetheless, we can certainly see it catching on.

I suppose the inevitable question is, will we now see iPad nano fob and pocket watches coming our way? I wouldn't be surprised.



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