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iPod nano Now In Pink

Gordon Kelly


iPod nano Now In Pink

Not a lot more to say really... still, in the spirit of testing my journalistic chops here goes some padding.

Apple has today - without warning - added yet another colour to its third generation gaggle of iPod nanos. Pink joins the fray to the delight of xx chromosomes around the globe and will come in the player's largest 8GB capacity.

Nothing has changed in the hardware of the Pink nano itself, it's still 69.8 x 52.3 x 6.5mm in size, 49.2g in weight and has that well known squat 2in QVGA display, support for H.264, AAC and MP3 playback and a battery life capable of 24 hours audio and five hours for video. A 1.5 hour 'fast charge' will restore the nano to around 80 per cent of battery capacity with a full charge taking a rather longer three hours.

Apple has made no noise about the pink nano being in anyway connected to the limited edition pink shuffle it released in September to promote breast cancer awareness and the colour looks here to stay. Whether the pink shuffle will return more permanently on the back of it however is unknown.

So that's silver, blue, red, green, black and pink nanos all now available immediately, though not in the UK as it hasn't turned up there yet on the Apple site. Expect it shortly.

Ha! 223 words, I'm the king of the waffle!


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