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iPod U2 Edition Upgraded

Gordon Kelly


iPod U2 Edition Upgraded

Like the class dunce, the U2 iPod continues to grasp technological updates more slowly than its siblings. The first iPod ‘video’ was a good seven months late and now the latest revision lags by 10 days.

Like the five and teeny bit Gs released last week the U2 iPod looks identical to its forebear but adds the same rather piddling upgrades: 60 per cent brighter screen, 3.5 hours video battery life, 14 hours for music, gapless playback and games.

As before, the difference – apart from the red scroll wheel and engraved band signatures on the back – is that you’ll get an iTunes coupon inside which is redeemable for 30 minutes worth of U2 music videos interspersed with interviews. By contrast, the first U2 iPod came with a complete discography of the band to date, tight asses…

A revised price of £209 falls more closely inline with the 30GB iPod (£189.00) but I still think you’re utterly mad to shell out another £20 to honour a band which hasn’t recorded anything remotely innovative in nearly a decade.


U2 iPod – Product Page


June 10, 2008, 12:28 am

I've tried my best to understand why you would be so critical of this ipod, but it escapes me. Plenty of people would gladly pay a little bit more for an ipod that is a bit more personalized to a band they enjoy. You seem to have something against the band and therefore against the ipod. It just seems a bit much is all.

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