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iPhone nano Rendered & Looking Increasingly Likely

Gordon Kelly


iPhone nano Rendered & Looking Increasingly Likely

The idea of an iPhone nano is something of an old chestnut (to use a moderately timely metaphor) having first been mooted in 2007. Since then however all went quiet until August 2008 and now the alarm bells are ringing...

The reason this time around is simple: XSKN is at it again. After being the first site to out and perfectly nail the new iPhone 3G form factor via its line of cases it has done the same thing for the so-called 'iPhone nano'. As before XSKN is so confident in itself that it has already put these iPhone nano cases on sale for $24.95 in no less than 17 different finishes.

Consequently unless it either a) likes wasting money building accessories for vapourware or b) wants to anger, alienate and possibly get sued by all potential purchasers, it would seem this is on the money. Either that or it got so much publicity from the early iPhone 3G cases first time around that it wants to Cry Wolf.

Should XSKN be spot on however we're seeing a device of similar shape and width to the standard model but seemingly a row of icons shorter and with less bezel space reducing its overall height further. Buttons, ports and switches all look identically placed to its bigger brother (why break a winning formula?) and no doubt it will come with a cheaper price tag too.

So could the last ever MacWorld be going out with a bang? I'd say it looks that way... mini iPhones all round!


XSKN iPhone nano Cases Page

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