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iPhone Users Hit with Mysterious Roaming Charges


iPhone Users Hit with Mysterious Roaming Charges

iPhone users have been incurring roaming charges when abroad, even though their handset's data roaming feature has been turned off.

This is according to forum members of the site MoneySavingExpert, who have been reporting the problem since April.

Users on the forum have had refunds from erroneous charges from O2, Vodafone and Orange. As a cross network it would imply that it's an issue with the iPhone itself. For once it’s not just an iPhone 4 issue either, as users with the iPhone 3GS have reported the problem.

“I have come back from 2 weeks USA and orange have charged me £274 for roaming charges on my iphone”, reported user caroline2103. “i triple checked my roaming was turned off etc and did not use my mobile, as my husband used his phone, did not even take it out with me in the days.”

The current theory seems to be that while users have ‘Data Roaming’ switched off, there is a separate setting for ‘Cellular Data’, which when left on, downloads data and incurs fees when functions such as GPS are used. This however, has not been confirmed, and TrustedReviews was waiting for a response from O2 and Apple over the issue at the time of publication.

Surprisingly, it seems that even placing your iPhone in a case won’t help on this occasion, so in the meantime users should take care when roaming with their iPhones and be sure to check their bills when returning home.

Link: Money Saving Expert article

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