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iPhone Torn Apart & Jailbroken Ahead of Release

Gordon Kelly


iPhone Torn Apart & Jailbroken Ahead of Release

Just 24 hours until this madness is over...

With iOS 4 already out and the iPhone 4 shipping tomorrow (some already have their handsets 24 hours early) two key tasks can now be ticked off the list: 1. Tear it apart. 2. Jailbreak.

Dealing ever so neatly with point one is rip apart specialist iFixit and its skill with a screwdriver has confirmed earlier reports that the new model does indeed have 512MB RAM, double that of the iPhone 3GS, iPad and even the famously lost iPhone 4 prototype. This should greatly help multi-tasking.

We also learn the iPhone 4 uses the same 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor as the Samsung Wave and iPad - but not what it is clocked at, the battery is a whopping 1420mAh Li-Polymer (3GS had 1219mAh, 3G 1150mAh) and the new front and rear glass finish is actually Gorilla Glass. This last nugget is extremely exciting because this is the glass run-over-our-phones-with-trucks specialist Sonim uses in its top of the line XP3 rugged flagship.

Lastly the iPhone 4 is also found to use a Broadcom BCM4329FKUBG receiver which means it has an integrated FM radio, though that's unlikely ever to be unlocked - and with high quality multi-tasking Internet radio apps like TuneIn Radio who really cares?

Point two is cracked by the ever so reliable Dev-Team, which has announced its renowned PwnageTool can now skip its way around iOS 4 security to enable third party app store Cydia and its wealth of tasty, Apple-unapproved apps. For now it only works with the iPhone 3GS and 3G, but expect the iPod touch 2G and - of course - the iPhone 4 to be added to this fairly quickly.

Concluding today's rush of news (just be thankful we publish as one combined story), we have Tesco tariffs rearing their heads. Despite the inevitable 'Value' puns (insert: blue stripe joke here) they are largely in line with the tariffs we've all seen elsewhere, though the £45pm two year deal is fairly unique in giving you a 16GB iPhone 4 for £19 or 32GB version for £99 plus unlimited minutes and texts (exact figures unknown) along with 1GB of data.

We're also hearing 3 won't get the iPhone 4 on launch day, but then again - neither will the majority of people who want one...



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