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iPhone Tethering Plan Unveiled With OTA Podcasts

Gordon Kelly


iPhone Tethering Plan Unveiled With OTA Podcasts

It has been a relatively quiet time in iPhone land recently, but now changes are afoot...

In what could prove a landmark case for the rest of the world, official US iPhone partner AT&T has confirmed it will soon offer an iPhone tethering plan to its customers - in effect, allowing them to use their handsets as 3G modems for their laptops.

Loosely described by AT&T CEO Ralph De Vega as coming "soon", he admitted that this option had long been a hole in the handset's armoury but it is unknown whether AT&T infrastructure or Apple reluctance was the key factor in its omission up to now. It has also been speculated that the functionality will come with the hotly anticipated release of firmware 2.2.

Speaking of which... while not numerically a seemingly significant launch, firmware 2.2's relatively lengthy time in development and allegedly leaked screenshots have led us to believe up to now we'll get everything from Google Maps Street View, walking directions and public transport information to inline audio and a tweaked layout for Safari.

Well, supposedly a redesigned mobile iTunes store is on the way too with these snaps suggesting podcasts will finally be added and available OTA (10MB limit when not on 3G - EDGE options unknown). The App Store will also be on the end of a spit and polish with 'Categories' updated with logos and more finger-friendly spacing.

All sounds promising, so keep your eyes peeled (scary literal metaphor, I know) over the next week...


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