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iPhone SNES Emulator Unveiled


iPhone SNES Emulator Unveiled

I expect I'm not alone in thinking that SNES emulation for the iPhone is rather cool. The way I see it, it seems that as much as sales for iPhone have not met expectations, the few it has shifted have made their way into the hands of the right kind of people. As if emulation for the NES, then the PlayStation wasn't good enough, having the same for the SNES, arguably the epitome of all consoles ever may just be the best third party app for the device yet.

Alas the app isn't available yet so those of us yearning to get some Super Maro World or Final Fantasy III action in on our iPhones will have to wait a while longer. Those of you really desperate to get in on the action can make a donation to the team developing the emulator and get in on the beta testing action. For the sceptical there is a video showing the iPhone SNES working, and looking mighty cool, so rest assured your excitement won't be in vain.

It is to be expected that once the official SDK is released next month a whole slew of these old console emulators will become available and the dev team is gong to want to get a move on if it doesn't want to be lost in the swarm. For now, though, credit should be given where it is due and I, for one, am definitely looking forward to getting some retro action in on my current favourite mobile device.

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