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iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Reveals New Features [Update: & 720p Video Recording]

Gordon Kelly


iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Reveals New Features [Update: 720p Video Capture]

iPhone OS 4.0 added many major (and long overdue) features to Apple's hugely popular handset including multi-tasking, folder support and a gaming hub, but it appears we will be getting a number of significant additional nuggets before the final version is released...

Perhaps most surprising is drag and drop file sharing. Yes, this is long awaited functionality and in its current guise allows users to drag files straight from the computer to the iPhone using an iTunes 'File Sharing' section. At present just 'Apps' and 'Mail Documents' are listed which is a bit naff, so let's hope it expands further before launch.

Of course this isn't the full drag and drop music/video/any file format support we'd all love to see independent of iTunes, but then again that's highly unlikely to ever happen.

Next are widgets with Apple adding iPod controls to the multitasking panel. They are accessed simply by bringing up the panel and swiping left and offer play, pause and skipping of tracks. This is much needed as the double tap of the home button which used to bring up iPod controls and/or favourite contacts instead triggers the multitasking panel and we had been wondering how Apple would replace this frequently used feature. It's certainly more cumbersome than the old method, but at least it's there and hopefully it'll be just the start of Apple's move into widgets.

Next closing multitasking apps is now simplified so you simply hold your finger on the multitasking panel icons and close buttons appear over all apps allowing you to close as many as you want. Previously this operation had to be completed for every app which was clearly daft.

Lastly there is a screen orientation lock provided so users being driven mad by the iPhone's sensitive accelerometer constantly flipping things between portrait and landscape modes can choose to stop this at any point. Handy, though I'd suggest just holding your phone steadier.

Hopefully the nuggets will keep coming before iPhone OS 4.0 inevitably launches in June alongside that other cat out the bag: the 4th generation iPhone...

Update: MacRumours has also picked up on these preset values in the new iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 SDK:



Looks like 720p video recording is also a shoo-in. So who is betting on 'iPhone HD' being the new name?



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