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iPhone Maker Producing eBook & Nokia Netbooks?

Gordon Kelly


iPhone Maker Producing eBook & Nokia Netbooks?

Foxconn many only be familiar to you because of its successful motherboard business but in actual fact it is a 35 year old business turning over nearly $52bn per year and employing over 550,000 workers. How? It builds some of the biggest brands in world including iPods, the iPhone, Mac Mini, the PlayStation 2 and PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, the Amazon Kindle (pictured) and a huge array of mobile phones and now it looks set to produce some other headliners...

News from multiple reports say the we-can-make-it manufacturer is going to add the much discussed Nokia netbook to its portfolio along with a serious eBook reader it hopes can make inroads against the Amazon Kindle it already builds.

According to 'sources' at TheStreet.com the Nokia agreement is virtually a done deal with the report claiming it will allow the Finnish giant to enter the market more quickly and shield it from the initial high costs associated with moving into another sector.

As for the eBook reader, little is known and it would seem hard for Foxconn to compete with such a complete package as the Kindle with it lacking any kind of online store for content. That said, if a licensing deal can be struck with its business partner then anything is possible. That said, with monster book chain Barnes & Noble said to be keen to hop on the eBook revolution the two may well be interlinked.

So either way, you may not of heard of Foxconn but I suspect you'll own something built by them...


via The Street/com

via DigiTimes


April 11, 2009, 2:49 pm

I am interested in "netbooks" in general. However the best use I can see for them is for taking some books to read on holiday when weight is at a premium.

I am a keen birder (not twitcher), & would be more than interested in this technogolgy if I could load it with guide books to the area I am visiting, including on wildlife, (mammals, butterflies, & birds) maybe a phrase book, etc.

Does anyone know if this sort of thing is available yet. If not I think I for one will wait until what I actually read appears.


April 12, 2009, 12:32 am

@mark, there is a guide book on iphone for bird lovers... including regional stuff if you happen to be in the states...


April 14, 2009, 2:30 pm

Thanks @xbrumster for that. I am in Wales, but have found the guide you mention before. It is actually the wider use of the electronic book I am looking for. It's all very well reading Jane Austin, but it's the useful & usually expensive books that would make the electronic one worthwhile. I suspect it will always be the books that have been around for years that will be converted onto this system because of the profits needed to get people to write them in the first place!

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