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iPhone Hits Orange on 10 November, 3 in 2010?

Gordon Kelly


iPhone Hits Orange on 10 November, 3 in 2010?

It looks like O2's years of iPhone exclusivity are just about to run out...

According to The Guardian both the iPhone 3G and 3GS will go on sale at Orange on 10 November, some weeks earlier than expected. That day will also see Phones4U join Carphone Warehouse in stocking the handset.

A note of caution for those with an O2 iPhone tariff grudge to bear: it is being claimed Orange will not significantly undercut O2's rather exorbitant prices. Orange UK CEO Tom Alexander has already said it will be looking to offer bundles with an alternative focus, rather than drastically slashing price. Still with Ofcom praise ringing in its ears for the coverage of its 3G data network (verses a slamming for O2) more than 200,000 potential customers have already pre-registered with Orange for the handset ahead of any RRPs so no matter what it looks set to be a huge hit.

That said, Orange may not get much time to celebrate capturing the iPhone since 3 CEO Kevin Russell has also come out saying "I would expect the iPhone to be on the 3 network sometime during 2010." If Russell is right 3 will join the iPhone on Vodafone at a similar timeframe and then we really do expect a price war.

In related news despite its associations with Google Android, Amazon has finally launched a UK edition of its website shopping app that has been available in the US for almost a year. 1-Click ordering, Amazon Prime, personalised recommendations and Wish List access is all in there, but coolest of all is the 'Amazon Remembers' feature which can receive photos taken on the iPhone camera and search for similar products. So next time little Jimmy says "I want one of those", you'll actually be able to find out what one-of-those actually is...

Lastly: Best. Costume. Ever? (Or worst?)


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