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iPhone Dock & Mystery 12th Button Revealed

Gordon Kelly


iPhone Dock & Mystery 12th Button Revealed

Another day, another iPhone titbit or two. I guess I'm just going to have to put up with it for the next eight days...

Latest off Apple's slow drip-drip release schedule is the first glimpse of the iPhone's dock which comes with absolutely no hint whatsoever as to the connectivity in it or the functionality it will provide.

Saying that it is safe to say the dock will charge the iPhone, but it would be nice if it also connects the handset to a computer. Sources over at Thinksecret believe we could be in for a bonus too claiming it will charge the Bluetooth headset as well.

Bundled/not bundled? I'm going to be optimistic on this one and say bundled.

Other news is that the 'mystery' 12th button which appeared in iPhone ads does indeed exist and is in fact the result of a deal with YouTube which will make it possible to stream videos directly from its site to the phone. YouTube users will also be able to log into their accounts from the handset to view and save (but not upload) their favourite clips.

10,000 H.264 encoded YouTube videos will be available on 29 June with the numbers being steadily ramped up until a full selection is accessible by the autumn. With the recent AppleTV/YouTube deal this really isn't a shocker...

And so we trudge on. Perhaps tomorrow there will be an official iPhone carry case and the day after an official iPhone screen cleaning cloth and the day after that a TrustedReviews news editor suicide...



iPhone/YouTube Press Release

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