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iPhone Bug Permits Calls from Lock Screen


iPhone Bug Permits Calls from Lock Screen

The luckless iPhone 4 seems to have been hit by another security issue. It seems that the latest version of the software, 4.1, contains a flaw that enables users to bypass the passcode feature, should you have that enabled. The flaw also works on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G and is also in place on earlier versions of the firmware such as 4.0.1.

To see it in action, users just have to press the Emergency Call button, enter any three or more digits (do not use 999), press the call button and then straight away hit the lock button at the top. When you unlock you’ll then have access to the Contacts page, and from there calls can be made. From there, you can also access the Photo album.

This is of real concern to those who want to be sure their data is safe if they lose the phone, and pretty much defeats the purpose of having a pass code in the first place.

Hopefully this won’t mean a delay on iOS 4.2, which is scheduled for release in November, bringing with it Airplay and AirPrint.

Via: Engadget.

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