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iPhone At Last Getting MMS

Gordon Kelly


iPhone At Last Getting MMS

With the iPhone 3G launch out of the way much attention is now turning towards the functionality we can expect to see in the much vaunted firmware 2.0 release for both old and new models. Something as progressive as using the devices as remote controls was mooted on Friday and now for something a little more basic...

Before we start let's be absolutely clear on this: no 2008 mobile phone deserves a new story for having MMS, but such is the saga with Apple's handset that we find ourselves excited by such a concept. It's the black magic that Apple weaves...

Still, according to BGR an internal memo at AT&T (a company with seemingly the least secure internal memo system on the planet) reveals MMS is on the way. With it users will reportedly be able to attach one or more pictures, images or video files (the size limit wasn't mentioned) and send them to multiple contacts simultaneously (remember that other old chestnut?!).

Of course other basics like video recording, digital zoom, video calling and more all remain off the menu, but as any iPhone owner (including me) will tell you: that's not the point. *cough, splutter*



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