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iPhone Alarms Fail to Ring

David Gilbert


iPhone Alarms Fail to Ring

Angry bosses, frazzled commuters and widespread confusion were commonplace this morning. The reason wasn’t another tube strike. It was a problem with the iPhone’s alarm system which saw thousands of people wake up an hour late this morning.

Clocks went back across Europe on Saturday night/Sunday morning due to Daylights Saving Time (DST) reverting back to Standard Time. All iPhones would have updated the time automatically. However due to a glitch in the alarm, it remained locked to Daylight Savings Time while the rest of us are now on Standard Time. All alarms set prior to Saturday would have been affected by the problem.

The issue was first noticed in Australia a few weeks ago, when they switched from DST. A website in Oz reported that Apple was aware of the problem and had promised a patch to fix the bug - however this never appeared.

Users across the pond in the United States will face similar problems when they change from DST on November 7, though Steve Jobs and Co. could well be forced to issue a software fix prior to then - or could even release the iOS4.2 update in the coming days.

The problem was posted on a lot of Twitter accounts this morning by stressed commuters, running late for work. Either way, those of us in the UK will have to continue setting our alarms an hour early just so we won't find ourselves running for the bus or once again having to blame our iPhones for being late for work.

Update: It is only repeat alarms that are broken so if you set a new alarm each night it should still go off at the right time.

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