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iPhone Alarms Fail Again

David Gilbert


iPhone Alarms Fail Again

It’s a story we could have written on Friday evening before the weekend even began. With the switch to British Summer Time taking place on Saturday night/Sunday morning, as sure as night follows day, iPhone owners around the country were going to be late for work this morning.

Last November we saw a similar problem when we switched to Daylight Savings Time and almost six months later we are seeing identical problems. Irate workers took to Twitter and other social networking sites this morning following their alarms failing to go off, going off an hour early or going off an hour late. “Bloody iPhone alarm again!! Did I learn nothing from last time the clocks went back?” one frustrated Twitterer said this morning.

Others though were less angry with the situation: "Thanks iPhone. I didn't really want that alarm to go off anyway." The problem seems to have affected non-recurring alarms set within iPhone’s calendar application rather in its dedicated alarm clock. The issue has been seen across the globe in recent months with iPhone owners in Australia and the United States also hit with the problem. Apple had promised to fix the glitch but it seems as if there are still some issues to be ironed out.

Plans by the UK government to get rid of Daylight Savings Time altogether could be the solution Apple are looking for but it seems to us as if it should be a relatively easy problem to solve for the computer giant. Have you had any issues with your iPhone alarm this morning?

Source: Twitter

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