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iPhone 4 Goes On Sale

Gordon Kelly


iPhone 4 Goes On Sale [Update: Three Details Tariffs]

I believe Carol Anne said it best in Poltergeist: They're here!

Today is the day the US, France, Germany, Japan and we Brits are able to buy the iPhone 4. Of course the massive caveat here is very few will actually be able to buy the handset today since stocks are low and queues in any of the major O2, Vodafone, Orange, Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and Best Buy stores are likely to be long.

In short: if you didn't pre-order, you'd probably be best forgetting all about the handset until sometime in July. For those who are getting their handset and those who (somehow) still remain on the fence about the new model (seriously, doesn't a handset guide, teardown and iOS 4 Features Analysis sort you out?) here's a brief recap of what all the fuss is about.

  • A new industrial design with hardened Gorilla Glass front and back

  • A 960 x 640 pixel 'Retina Display' which virtually eliminates pixel detection

  • A much improved five megapixel camera with LED flash

  • 720p HD video recording at 30fps

  • Three-axis gyroscope, which with the accelerometer brings six way motion detection

  • Noise cancelling mic for better quality voice calls

*Deep breath*

  • A front facing VGA camera for 'FaceTime' video calls

  • 20-25 per cent better life (7h 3G talk time, 300h standby, 10h video, 40h audio)

  • Faster Apple A4 chipset (potentially clocked up to 1GHz), RAM doubled to 512MB

  • Antennas built externally into sides of the phone for better reception
Yep, it's a pretty decent list and while I'll continue to moan about the screen size staying at 3.5in and the front of the phone starting to look pretty dated, it has convinced me to put off my (inevitable) switch to Android for another 12 months. There's choice too as all the major networks will be carrying the iPhone 4 (Three, Tesco and T-Mobile won't have it on launch day) and Apple is even selling the handset unlocked. We'll have a review of the iPhone 4 shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

Oh and today sees me pass 5,000 articles for TrustedReviews. Of all things, the first was a printer review back in January 2004. Doesn't time fly...

Update: Three may not have the iPhone 4 available on day one, but it has just announced the most competitive price plans we've seen so far. Full details of the pay monthly and sim only deals are below, but highlights include 500 minutes, 5,000 texts, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes, 1GB data allowance and a 16GB iPhone 4 for £30pm. This increases to 900 minutes for £35 per month. Yep, they're very good indeed.


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