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iPhone 4 Day One Screen & Reception Issues Mount

Gordon Kelly


iPhone 4 Day One Screen & Reception Issues Mount

I know, two iPhone 4 stories on launch day - sacrilege! Still if you're the kind of reader who gets annoyed at Apple you should enjoy this one...

It seems Steve Jobs' shiny new bundle of joy is facing teething problems as MacRumors' reports a number of owners have received handsets with blocks of yellow tint in the much proclaimed Retina Display. On top of this iPhone 4 owners have also contacted Gizmodo to say there appears to be a serious design flaw in the phone whereby carrier signal falls when it is held - oops.

The first issue is nothing new to Apple as the 27in iMac also suffered from yellow tint problems on its initial run (Foxconn really should stop playing Simpsons' paintball on the factory floor). Those were cleared up and I suspect they will be here too.

Far more concerning is what appears to be a fundamental design flaw in the iPhone 4's supposedly revolutionary external antenna system which sees reception fail when the handset is held along the sides.

The video above is pretty convincing and many more of since followed from other users. The video below shows call quality is unaffected by the apparent signal drop so we may simply be dealing with a glitch in how the reception strength is reported.

Walk Mossberg did touch upon something similar in his iPhone 4 review when he said "in some places where the signal was relatively weak, the iPhone 4 showed no bars, or fewer bars than its predecessor. Apple says that this is a bug it plans to fix, and that it has to do with the way the bars are presented, not the actual ability to make a call. And, in fact, in nearly all of these cases, the iPhone 4 was able to place calls despite the lack of bars." In fairness though, this isn't exactly the same thing as we're seeing reported today.

Let's hope this all blows over, especially by the time mine arrives later today.


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