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iPhone 3G/3GS Launch On Vodafone Today

Gordon Kelly


iPhone 3G/3GS Launch On Vodafone Today

And then there were three...

Today is the day Vodafone becomes the third UK network to sell the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Following up on the December announcement of its price plans and contracts, it again confirmed today that customers will be able to use the Apple stores, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U to pick up iPhones on its network. Now just T-Mobile and 3 remain outside the loop and with T-Mobile soon to merge with Orange and 3 having expressed interest in acquiring the handset it may not be long before those gaps are plugged too.

The tables of tariffs are reprinted above and below, but as I mentioned previously the clear sweet spot is the £40pm, 18 month tariff for a 16GB 3GS which lands you the handset for £89 along with 600 minutes, unlimited text messages, free WiFi and a 1GB monthly data allowance. The less contract-phobic may also be tempted by the £45pm, 24 month 16GB 3GS deal which ups the calls allowance to 1200 minutes. Another plus point is the enlarged 1GB of monthly data provided on Vodafone deals and the fact its 7.2Mbit network tends to be slightly faster on its network - even if Orange and 3 can claim greater overall UK 3G coverage.

Meanwhile tethering comes in at £5pm, £10pm and £15pm for monthly data allowances of 500MB, 1.5GB and 3GB respectively - and yes, we still think it should be bundled a the data on a standard contract.

Still if you've been waiting for this latest network roll-out get em while they're hot - just remember we're probably not only 5 months from a 4th generation iPhone - decisions, decisions...


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