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iPhone 1.1.3 Software Jailbreak Goes Live

Gordon Kelly


iPhone 1.1.3 Software Jailbreak Goes Live

While the iPhone's 1.1.2 international firmware upgrade proved to be a hacker's nightmare, they've gone through 1.1.3 like a knife through butter.

A straightforward software jailbreak is now here for all iPhone users running unlocked 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 handsets. The hack was released by Nate True, a former member of the famed iPhone Dev Team, and while it initially only ran on Windows OSes a Mac compatible version has just been released.

Perhaps most interesting about this latest firmware hack is the approach it takes. Unlike previous hacks, which alter the iPhone's baseband resetting and relocking the handset, Nate's version simply 'upgrades' the phone leaving the unlock in place as well as previously installed third party apps. Note however that some apps will not run yet on 1.1.3, their icons will not appear on the main screen and most will have to either be reinstalled or uninstalled completely.

One other bone of contention is that some users have reported the new Google Maps 'locate me' function doesn't work after this jailbreak, but as with the very earliest iPhone hacks which were incompatible with YouTube, expect updates soon through Installer App to fix this.

As for iPod touch owners, apparently you first need to purchase Apple's cheeky $20 upgrade then it should work just fine.

On a side note and giving it something of a soap opera-esque quality. It seems this latest jailbreak is causing some serious arguments between the iPhone Dev Team and Nate. As previous mentioned, the Dev Team wanted to hold off releasing it until February's SDK to see how it reacted. Nate ignored them and was kicked off the team.

Who was right? Well, perhaps you might want to wait a few more days for Apple's big announcement to find out... *impatient fingers* or not.

Update: Following Nate's release the iPhone Dev Team has given in and released its effort. There's only works with previously unlocked iPhones running firmware 1.1.2, but also doesn't upgrade the baseband meaning that handsets will remain unlocked after upgrading.

Update: fix for locate me issue in Nate's jailbreak here: pretty obvious really.


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