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iPhone 1.1.1 Update Hacked

Gordon Kelly


iPhone 1.1.1 Update Hacked

That didn't take long...

Less than two weeks since Apple relocked iPhones with its wolf in sheep's clothing WiFi iTunes update, a hack has been found to once again open it up to third party goodness and potential unlocking.

The security hole was found through a single TIFF exploit in Mobile Safari by 'Niacin' - hacker of both the PSP and MSN TV Linux cluster previously - and allows full root access on both the iPhone and iPod touch and enough legroom to recompile existing third party apps to let them run on the alternative framework introduced on v1.1.1.

Sadly however there is a downside to all this because the TIFF exploit is an easily patched vulnerability and not the kick-the-door-down method employed by previous unlocking tools like AnySim and iPhoneSimFree. Consequently all Apple needs to do to reseal its devices is add a small patch to the exploit which is probably inevitable in v1.1.2.

Still, we have progress here and while I can theoretically, but not legally, condone iPhone/iPod touch unlocking I do think Apple has got it wrong in forbidding third party applications since they not only enhance its products but also make them far more appealing to consumers.

Bad Apple. Good Niacin.

Update: iPhoneSimFree now has a free update to re-unlock relocked 1.1.1 handsets, if you follow me. If not then just click here, it's much simpler.


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