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iPad iPlayer Coming This Week

David Gilbert


iPad iPlayer Coming This Week [Update]

Isn’t Twitter great? Not only can we find out every thought which passes through Stephen Fry’s mind, but it can also inform us as to when the BBC will be launching it’s iPad app for the iPlayer.

Last night Geoff Marshall tweeted that the BBC would be launching the iPad-only app for its hugely popular on demand online service this Thursday, 10 February. Marshall described himself subsequently as a “support-tech dude” and “beeb operational techie” and not a developer and only knew about the launch as it was mentioned in a briefing yesterday. The launch will only be in the UK with the US subscription-based service launching some time this summer (June) according to Marshall. The BBC announced its plans for going global with the iPlayer service last December.

Marshall indicated that the app would need a Wi-Fi connection to allow for browse and playback functions while those with a 3G connection would only be able to browse only. Marshall also wondered aloud (via Twitter) why there was no iPhone app coming along with the iPad version as he himself was an iPhone owner. Marshall was obviously enjoying the response he got to his tweet by replying to numerous questions from a lot of different people.

Marshall went on to then announce that the UK Radio Player which was due to be launched this week has now been put back until March and that Interlinking (the feature that links to non-BBC programmes) should go live today but at the time of printing this had yet to happen. (We’ll keep you posted). Marshall's most recent tweet suggested the launch could be delayed until Friday but we'll await the BBC's official announcement.

Update: The BBC has now announced that an Android app will now be made available by the end of this week as well as an iPad app - though no word on an iPhone app as of yet.

Source: Twitter

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